The Bail Bonds Industry in Baltimore Is Huge, Complicated, and Largely Unregulated July 8, 2008 By Christopher Landers JOSLYN HAYES IS TIRED. SHE has walked to the Central Booking and Intake Center from Erdman Avenue and Belair Road, she says, and it’s hot out. Down the stairs at the Eager […]

Cashing Out

Baltimore burlesque grows up, with the help of a little girl and her monkey By Chris Landers It’s show time at Load of Fun on North Avenue, and a sold-out crowd files into the black box theater, lingering for a moment at the table in back to pick up a […]

Making It Bigger

A Team of Scientists and Conservators Shift Through An Ancient Greek Manuscript At The Walters By Chris Landers For a man who deals in very old books, Will Noel is in a great hurry. Noel is tall and thin, with black spectacles and a habit of running his hands through […]

Reading Between The Lines

By Chris Landers It was some time in the mid-’60s when Bob Beaumont had the epiphany that led him to become the largest manufacturer of electric cars in U.S. history. He was pumping gas outside his Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in upstate New York, saw the fumes from the gas hit the […]

The Car of Tomorrow, Yesterday

Bird-Watchers Gather For Annual Counting Of Chimney Swifts By Chris Landers JOAN CWI, STANDING OUTSIDE THE CONSERVATORY at Druid Hill Park, asks, “Do you see them coming?” “I think I see one,” comes the answer. The air outside the conservatory is thick with anticipation on a recent Sunday evening, but […]

For The Birds

Letter Men: The Globe Poster Company
The Globe Poster Company Would Like Your Attention For a Moment By Chris LandersĀ  BOB CICERO HAS A STORY he likes to tell about advertising. A few years ago, he was driving down the street when his son noticed a sign-holding man bobbing and weaving by the side of the […]

Letter Men

Gordon Scott: Last of the Strongmen
By Chris Landers Thirteenth-century China was “a time of myth and mysteries, conquest and courage,” at least according to the opening title sequence of 1962’s Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World. The film’s plot concerns Samson (not the biblical Samson, but simply a large and supernaturally strong man […]

The Last of the Strongmen

Serious Business: Anonymous Vs. Scientology
Anonymous Takes On Scientology (and doesn’t afraid of anything) “We’re not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn’t cute or something to do for lack of something better. . . . This is a deadly serious activity.” –L. Ron Hubbard, 1965 “The Internet is Serious Business” –Anonymous THE TELEPHONE […]

Serious Business

On the History, Nature, and Lore of Rattus Baltimoreanus By Chris Landers IT’S MIDAFTERNOON, JUST OUTSIDE the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in East Baltimore, and the street is filled with the crowd from the nearby hospital-shift-changers and the recently released, all surgical scrubs and crutches. Greg Glass […]